Add your name to make care fairer for people with dementia

Rachael faced significant barriers trying to access funding to pay for her grandad's care. Two weeks after Rachael's grandad died, an independent review concluded he had been denied funding he was entitled to. 

We had such a hard time trying to explain grandad's dementia to health professionals. There’s no knowledge, no support. Grandad was repeatedly marked down [in the assessment] because the District Nurses didn't understand his form of dementia.

NHS continuing healthcare funding (CHC) can be a lifeline for many people in England with long-term and complex health needs facing soaring care costs. It covers costs such as home carers or care home fees.  

But families like Rachael's are missing out on vital funding because the assessment process is flawed. This can lead to increased- and often unmanageable- caring responsibilities and serious financial worries for families who are left to foot the bill of care themselves.  

It doesn’t have to be this way. Dementia UK's 'Fix the funding' campaign is calling on the Government to urgently review the process so that more people with dementia can access crucial funding when they need it.

Together we can fix the funding. Will you join us by adding your name?

This means:

  • Raising awareness of NHS continuing healthcare funding as an option among families and professionals 
  • Making the process fairer so that it recognises the complex and challenging needs of people with dementia 
  • Offering support for families throughout the process